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FSP located in Miami Florida has been manufacturing metals since 1987. We are a wholesaler for many of the south Florida installation companies. We are the wholesaler you've been looking for.

  FSP has been wholesaling to the hurricane protection sales and installation trade for 15 years. We have been in the Metal Business since 1987. Same address since 1989 our warehouse is 25,000 Sq. Feet and we have an additional 1/2 acre outside that is gated and guarded. We carry accordion shutters and storm panels. We are fully stocked at all times and always prepared for the largest project. Our accordion shutters are of the HPMA association which is both incredibly strong and compact. The design of the accordion shutter is what allows us to keep the accordion compact but yet have it cover any size openings. Condominium associations and homeowners associations are welcomed to take a look at our past clients and projects. When you see the HPMA accordion shutter you will understand what all the hype is about. We also carry storm panels. We want to be your wholesaler just give as a call. We also have a inside mount storm panels.

    In the years 2004 and 2005 major hurricanes hit Florida . The insurance industry has reevaluated doing business in Florida, rates have soared and policies have been canceled. Residential condominium associations where hit the hardest.

    Accordion shutters are great looking and easy to setup incase of a hurricane. We recommend accordion shutters for all condominium associations and homeowner associations. The accordion shutters are simple and quick for anyone of any age to use. All condominium associations and homeowner associations are welcomed to email us with any questions. We understand the rising cost of insurance for condominium associations and homeowners insurance especially when they are not equipped with accordion shutters. Take a look at some of the pictures and you will see how well our accordion shutters blend into your condominium or homes decor. Let us be your wholesaler.

·         Accordion shutters are made of extruded aluminum assembled with stainless steel hardware and nylon bushings.

·         Our HPMA Accordions are designed to withstand winds and potential impact in a "Category 5" hurricane, and are engineered to meet all of the most stringent requirements of the new Florida building code passed in January 2002.

·         Accordions are the most preferred shutters easily closed in the event of a hurricane threat from ether inside or outside the house.

·         In addition to providing protection from hurricanes and other powerful storms, accordion shutters provide another important layer of security to your home.

·         Storm panels are an effective and affordable type of hurricane protection. Safety edges have been added to panels to make them safer to install when a hurricane is approaching.

·         Made of either steel or an alloy similar to that used in airplanes, storm panels are also now stronger yet lighter than before, and can even be installed from inside your home.

·         You can choose to install the panels on tracks, or with anchors and screws for a "hidden" shutter appearance.


Our newest storm panels are made of 22-gauge galvanized steel and are strong enough to withstand an impact test of a 2 x 4 shot out of a cannon at 34 mph. The Miami-Dade County test requires the panel to be hit in 3 different places. The panel must withstand this impact and still protect the envelope of the building. This is the strictest building code in Florida for hurricane shutters. Our new 22-gauge storm panel meets this code.

Although made of steel, this storm panel has been engineered in such a way that it is almost as light in weight as aluminum.

Our new 22-gauge storm panel has been designed with the safety of the person installing them in mind. The sides of the panels have been hemmed back all the way, giving a safe and smooth edge.

The advantages of steel hurricane storm panels? They're affordable, architecturally pleasing, and easily stacked in a minimum of space.

In March of 2003 the State of Florida passed a law requiring that the second floor of all dwellings be protected from hurricanes without the use of a ladder. Our new 22-gauge steel storm panels are now engineered to meet that requirement. The new slide tracks and removable handle allow the storm panels to be put in place from inside the dwelling without the use of a ladder.
Hurricane Shutters Indoor

About the new HPMA / Performance System 1 Accordions

The new HPMA/Performance System 1 aluminum accordion shutter is designed to withstand high wind pressures on a mid-rise building, yet is economically priced for a residential dwelling. The new engineering of the center mate push-button locking system allows low-profile stacking of the accordion blades, offering an architecturally-trim appearance to your residence.

The HPMA accordion is approved by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, the South Florida Building Code and the new Florida Building Code. It is designed to withstand a category 5 hurricane with wind speeds exceeding 155 mph.

Accordion shutters are made of extruded aluminum alloy and assembled with stainless steel hardware, providing years of effortless, rust-free maintenance. The powder-coating finish is available in four colors: ivory, white, beige and bronze.

Homeowners and businesses prefer accordions over all other systems of storm protection because anyone can open and close accordion shutters on an entire house in a matter of minutes. With accordions, the second floor of a two-story home can be easily secured from inside without the use of ladders. In addition to providing essential protection from hurricanes and other powerful storms, accordion shutters gives security to your home or business while on vacation.

Florida Storm Panels & Accordions

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